Next Competitions: CCVM, Brunete, El Valle, Green Paddock y La Dehesa del Príncipe

Juan carlos en los troncos de arriba 
  • October, Saturday 25. Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (Madrid). Departure from the club at 7:45. Amount (transport) 20 €, enrollment fee depending on the level. Tests (cm): 90, 110, 125, 135.
  • October, Friday 31. AFINES (Brunete). 10:30 AM. Amount 10€. Halloween competition (with costume).
  • November, Sunday 9: El Valle (Brunete).Departure from the club at 13:00. (transport + enrolment fee) €25Tests (cm): 60, 90, 110. Halloween competition (with costume).
  • November, Saturday 15: Green Paddock (Torrelodones). Departure from the club at 13:30. Amount (transport + enrolment fee) €25. Tests (cm): 60, 80, 100, 120.
  • Transportation cost of private horses:
    . Training with AFINES: €20
    . Non-related to AFINES: €40.

Those interested in participating, please reply to, providing:


  • full name of the rider in upper case and the rider licence number
  • name and licence number of horse (if private horse)

As always, you take responsibility for your horse during the outing (loading and unloading, tacking, feeding, etc.).

Anyone who wishes to groom (braid) the horse before the competition, please ask us when it is a convenient time to do so.